The official winner country of the OIE Rinderpest Challenge is:

South Africa with 505 210 points

The player with the higher score from the winner country is:

Muhammed Haroun Moola” with 223 420 points

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2018. Rinderpest virus rises again from the past…

Nobody knows who is behind this, but we must act now as the disease is spreading quickly. That’s why you’ve just joined an international team of experts. Your journey starts with the investigation of infected animals around the world in order to save the planet from rinderpest. Your mission will take you all over the world to find animals infected with rinderpest virus, as well as assisting laboratory technicians to safely dispose and manage Rinderpest Virus Containing Material (RVCM), with only one goal in mind: find the origin of the rinderpest outbreak and stop it from spreading.




You are not alone in this – from 4 October 2018 to 1 November 2018 you are invited to play the OIE Rinderpest Challenge. Team up with other contestants from your country to save the world and you may win a trip to Paris.


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The country that has accumulated the most points will win the OIE Rinderpest Challenge, and its highest score player will win a TRIP TO PARIS during the OIE General Session in May 2019!

Each of the players will receive a certificate signed by the Director General of the OIE and the country will be recognized during the OIE General Session in May 2019.

The winner of the Rinderpest Challenge will be announced on 6 November 2018 on this website : don’t forget to come back to as often as needed to improve your knowledge and check your country’s score !


Help your country be the world saviour and the winner of this challenge!


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 Veterinary students, laboratory practitioners and all players in animal health need to join forces in order to ensure that the world remains free from the disease.



Game Scenario


Managing a laboratory

One question remains unanswered: how did a disease once thought to be eradicated suddenly reappears?

You will join a new laboratory, but nobody knows who you are neither what are your true intentions. In fact, you are there to help laboratories manage and dispose of their RVCM in order to avoid the escape of the virus, as well as to find the source of the outbreak.


Handling animal cases

The future of livestock depends on you

Playing the role of a veterinarian, you will join an elite team to contain the rinderpest outbreak at a global scale. In order to do so, you will have to diagnose sick animals and tell apart the ones infected with rinderpest virus.


Purpose of the Rinderpest Challenge


In February 2017, the OIE initiated the development of a new rinderpest awareness campaign. The “Never turn back” campaign is dedicated to assisting the 182 OIE Member Countries in keeping the history and impact of the disease alive in the collective memory.

As part of this campaign, the OIE developed a serious game that aims to help the world remain free from rinderpest, by ensuring that the memory of this disease is still vivid in the new generations of veterinarians and laboratory technicians, even though it has been eradicated and, particularly, that key players in animal health are fully aware of the role that they still have to play in this post-eradication era.



How to play


You will be both in the shoes of a veterinarian and of a laboratory technician.

As a veterinarian, you will have to detect animals infected with rinderpest virus amongst animals suffering from different diseases, on a global scale.

You will have to choose a case on the world map and then make differential diagnoses based on clinical signs, and tests. Once the examination is done, you will make a tentative diagnosis that will be validated. If it is wrong, you will have to take the examination further to find the correct diagnosis.

As a laboratory technician, you will join laboratories around the world to assist them with RVCM management and disposal while trying to unravel the truth concerning the source of the rinderpest outbreak.



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